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The Fool - Tarot (#0)

Updated: Feb 19

The Fool is the first card in the Tarot deck, as well as the first card in the major arcana. It goes by the number zero. Zero by its very nature means nothingness. It could be a start, an end or simply anything or nothing that one would like to attribute to a situation. Let’s dig deeper.

The Fool Tarot

The Fool Tarot Meaning - General

The person in the Fool card is called a fool for a reason. For any logical and rational mind, it appears that the Fool is walking merrily on top of a mountain and reaching the edge of a cliff, as if he is about to jump right over it. At a very basic level, the Fool card is about taking that leap of faith. The card advises us to stop overthinking and over-rationalizing and just take that leap.

The jumping dog in the image appears like a warning call. It symbolizes people around us that either block our path or do not agree with our approach. In either case, the advice is to listen to others, but if you feel like taking that leap, you will be perfectly ok to do so.

Taking the concept of leap of faith further, taking a leap needs faith – faith in the universe and what the future holds for us. The Fool card asks us to believe that everything is happening for our good.

The Fool could also symbolize spontaneity and impulsiveness. It is about being uninhibited and embracing the unknown. One could say the Fool is just living in the moment, absolutely carefree, void of worries and any expectations. Thus, this could also have a negative connotation where such impulse takes us on a path of blind foolishness. Are you chasing a pipe dream or is there a realism to your dreams and faith? That is a question one needs to ask with the Fool card.

The Fool card is also about new beginnings, or choosing a new path, or taking new directions in existing matters. Corresponding to the number zero, the Fool can indicate a beginning and the end. This is the time where you probably feel free to enjoy life or experience things with an open mind. This is a state of an absolute clean slate.

The image shows a white sun (typically shown in yellow), a white rose and a white dog – these stand for purity. It depicts one’s state of mind or approach. This card stands for optimism and an innocent sense of anticipation for the future. The Fool has set upon the journey with a small bundle bag, representing the minimalistic and simple way of life. These are attributes that could apply to a particular person or situation or could be taken as advice to a life situation.

Let us look at the Fool in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Fool - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

For those in a relationship, the Fool card could suggest bringing in that spontaneity and fun back in the relationship. There is a need to rekindle an innocent sense of optimism and fun, a sense of uninhibited energy.

The Fool card could also represent someone who is fun loving and spontaneous but can be fickle minded. So, it could be a word of caution if you think your partner is non-committal, and merely going with the flow.

The Fool in love reading could also symbolize a stage in your relationship where you are thinking about taking a major life decision together. This could indicate that it might be good to go ahead and take that leap, but at the same time to be aware of advice and caution coming from your friends and family. The Fool card can signify impulsive decisions, and this could be positive or negative. Look for supporting cards for more details.

Love Reading for Singles

As a single, with the Fool card in your reading, you might be enjoying your freedom in life. You probably feel like having carefree romance and just having a good time, rather than committing yourself to something serious. The Fool Card is also about new beginnings. And so, it can also indicate the potential for someone new to enter your life. So, one should guard against missing out on true love when it emerges in the urge to be carefree.

If you have just been through a break-up, the Fool could be an advice to enjoy life, experience different things and do things that you have been apprehensive about in general. Do not rush into another relationship straight away.

The Fool - Career & Finance

The Fool in career reading is an advice for you to try an unknown path. Do not be afraid to take risks, this might actually be a good time for you to take that risk and try out new things and explore new avenues. The Fool card is an ultimate card of entrepreneurship. So, if you have been thinking of taking that leap from your job to your own business, this might be a good decision.

With the Fool card, you could be experiencing unbridled energies at work. You are innovative, experimental and free to think, ideate and carry out new projects or tasks.

If there is a decision to be made, weigh the risks of the outcome, but do not be afraid to take a plunge.

Financially, there could be new unconventional opportunities to create wealth. Like we mentioned above, with the Fool, one could explore entrepreneurship and you could see rewards of this if you work hard.

The caution with the Fool is to avoid being reckless in any career or financial decisions. There could be a tendency to get swayed by your optimism and one needs to keep a realistic check on that.

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