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Five of Pentacles

Updated: Feb 19

Five of Pentacles is the only card in the Pentacles suit where one can sense extreme anguish. So, is there a way out?

Five of Pentacles Tarot

Five of Pentacles Meaning - General

Five of Pentacles shows two people walking in the snow. They are walking past a window that resembles that of church. The church is lit and probably has a mass or congregation inside. But these two people have been left out in the cold.

Five of Pentacles as a general meaning is a card of hardship. Quite literally, it could indicate poverty, and struggling to make ends meet. It signifies a difficulty in life where you probably feel abandoned and left to deal with it on your own. The silver lining? You have your closest by your side. The world may be against you, but the people you love and who love you are sticking with you through this difficult phase in life.

You can see that the two people are walking straight past the church and are not looking to get in to seek help. This can be indicative of high self-esteem and pride. Times may be tough, but you intend to steer it with your head held high.

Five of Pentacles in tarot is about feeling rejected. You generally see the true colours of people in times of distress. You might be standing alone, but you can turn to your strengths and that of your near ones for support.

This card can also indicate illness or health issues. Are you neglecting your health or feeling very tired and exhausted. This might be a warning call to pay more focus to your health.

Let us look at the Five of Pentacles in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Five of Pentacles Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Five of Pentacles in love is a glaring message to heal your money issues first, if that is a concern.

There could be financial issues that you need to overcome together as a couple. Give each other mutual support to be able to move past this tough time. If support is missing, it might lead to strain on your relationship.

Five of Pentacles can indicate abandonment in a relationship, probably divorce, break up or separation. Has your partner ghosted you or the other way round?

Love Reading for Singles

Five of Pentacles in love reading for singles might indicate going through a period of post break up pain. There could have been ghosting or abandonment by your ex that you are still reeling under.

If you are going through money issues, first focus on that and resolve it.

Five of Pentacles Career & Finance

Five of Pentacles in career can indicate job loss or loss in business. You might be feeling a lot of drudgery and hopelessness. You might also be feeling outcast at your work – not being involved in key projects, decisions and not being given equal opportunities to grow and prosper.

Make sure this does not impact your self-confidence. And remember, this too shall pass.

Financially this is a very hard time for you. Your investments have not worked well or you could be facing financial losses in your business or even bankruptcy. If you have been going through a divorce, there could be a huge financial claim or settlement that is staring at your face.

Try to restructure your finances and be risk averse in money matters.

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