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Four of Pentacles

Updated: Feb 19

The person in Four of Pentacles is holding his coins in the most uneasy of ways. Is he protecting his wealth or just being stingy? Let’s find out.

Four of Pentacles Tarot

Four of Pentacles Meaning - General

Four of Pentacles indicates sufficient wealth and material possessions. The person in the image is financially very sound, stable, and prosperous. And yet he is holding tight on to his money.

As a meaning, Four of Pentacles seeks to understand if you are you being possessive about your belongings, a relationship or something else? This card signifies hoarding and lack of sharing. You might be feeling very stingy and are focused on securing your possessions rather than sharing with those in need.

Four of Pentacles in tarot advises those behaving like misers to stop being greedy and be a little bit more giving and generous. On the contrary, if you are one who is letting their money flow unbridled, you might do well to bring in some restraint.

This card could also symbolize a behaviour of holding on to things too tight. This could be a relationship, a job or merely some beliefs or some life philosophy. See whether they are still serving you well. Be open to change.

Four of Pentacles also indicates holding back. Are you restraining yourself and not letting go or letting yourself be free? Check for unresolved feelings or challenges and find ways to resolve them and move on. This card tells you to remove any obstacles, heal your blocked emotions or state of mind, and be more open to life and change.

This is also a card that asks control freaks to relax. Not everything needs to be your way. At times, it might be good to let up charge, and be open to new ideas and new approaches.

Four of Pentacles might also be indicative of order and structure. One could interpret this positively (if there is too much chaos, order could be good and is also required), or negatively (if there is too much rigidity and structure, some flexibility and openness might be required). Look at supporting cards for validation.

Let us look at the Four of Pentacles in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Four of Pentacles Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Four of Pentacles in love could indicate jealousy and possessiveness in a relationship. Are you giving each other enough personal space to grow and thrive. Or is it too constricting?

This card could be suggestive of too much control by you or your partner. There might be a need to bring in some openness and freedom to speak and act.

Four of Pentacles could also relate to holding on to some past mistakes or grudges and unwillingness to let go and move on.

This could also be indicative of friction in the relationship owing to stinginess of one partner or reluctance of a partner to spend on small pleasure or important matters.

Love Reading for Singles

For singles, this card signifies being too held back in love. You are not being open-minded and are too rigid in your beliefs or ways on love.

Possibly, you are hurt by your previous relationships, and are protecting yourself from further hurt by being too paranoid. Try and resolve any past issues to open up to life and its possibilities.

If you are holding on to the memory of an ex in the hope of a reconciliation, be practical about such prospects. Understand whether that is indeed going to work and is it a realistic hope. If not, be willing to let go and move forward.

Also, Four of Pentacles in love reading could be about too much focus on money, career and well-being. Is there a balance between work and life? That’s a question you should address for yourself.

Four of Pentacles Career & Finance

Career-wise, you seem to be doing very well. There is a lot of stability and financial security. However, you are probably holding it too tight for fear of losing it.  Is your paranoia and insecurity unfounded or real?

You might be blocking better things and growth coming your way by being stuck to where your are. At times, it is better to make oneself dispensable to seek out greater glories.

On the other hand, Four of Pentacles in career may be about someone else withholding something from you. Maybe a bonus, promotion or just some growth opportunity at work.

Financially, you are very stable. You might be saving up for a big purchase, a car, house or something else.

Beware of being too stingy and be open to charities and donations. There is more to life than materialism.

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