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The Moon – Tarot (#18)

Updated: Feb 19

The Moon carries a bit of mysticism with it and can be interpreted in different manners. Read on.

The Moon Tarot

The Moon Tarot Meaning - General

The Moon card in tarot stands for intuition and instincts. It relates to the subconscious mind and your shadow self.

This card asks you to trust your innate gut feelings. Read signs and symbols around you and pay attention to your dreams. The world can seem illusive at this point, but do not go by the face value of anything.

The Moon can also indicate mood swings or a period of anxiety, fear, or depression. You could be feeling overwhelmed by your internal mental skirmishes that lead to instability and insecurity.

There could be hidden details or things being concealed from you. All is not what you see. So, be careful of dodgy deals, read between the lines in all communication and contracts.

The Moon can also signify delays and long periods of waiting. It advises patience and trying to get clarity on matters that are confusing. You might feel like you are losing focus and getting distracted easily. Look for the right direction and purpose with your instincts.

Let us look at The Moon in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Moon - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Moon in love relationships can signify lack of communication or miscommunications leading to challenges. You or your partner could be having repressed emotions that need to be expressed.

You might be feeling stonewalled by your partner and could be struggling to understand their motivations or desires. Or it could be the other way around.

There is a need for emotional understanding and using your intuition in your relationship. Look for unspoken words and try to understand hidden feelings.

Love Reading for Singles

The Moon in love for singles is a caution card to be mindful of who you are dating. You could meet people who are deceitful or have ulterior motives. Do not ignore signs and listen to your intuition.

The Moon could also be an advice for singles to work on your shadow-self first before seeking new love. Self-help and self-care will help in reconnecting with yourself and dealing with inner challenges, fears and worries.

Also, be mindful of emotional complexities in any future relationships and be ready to handle them with compassion and understanding.

The Moon - Career & Finance

The Moon in career could symbolize an ambiguous situation at work. It could indicate lack of proper communication that is causing stress or anxiety.

There is a need to exercise proper caution and careful decision making to deal with these hidden factors. Do not trust people at face value, but rather with a pinch of salt.

Financially, you could be going through an uncertain phase. This card can also suggest volatility in your investments. Do not be in haste in dealing with money, do not gamble or take excessive risks. Rely on your intuition and carefully plan your finances.

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