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Two of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

Two of Cups is one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck. You can see a couple exchanging cups and there is a sense of serenity and calmness in the image.

Two of Cups Tarot

Two of Cups Meaning - General

Two of Cups is about two people. And therefore, meaning partnerships. The exchange of cups in the image symbolizes give and take between two people, who are equal. The man and the woman in the image treat each other as absolute equals and it is a feeling of mutual love, respect and trust. There is sharing and caring.

This could also be an unexpected meeting. Probably a reunion from the past. The unity brings about joy and harmony.

Two of Cups in tarot either signifies existence of or recommends bringing about equality and balance in some relationship. This could be with our partner, a friend, colleague or business partner.

If there have been some bad feelings with someone, Two of Cups means a truce. Let bygones be bygones, forgive and move on. Peace is the way to go.

Do not ignore the winged lion head and intertwined snakes in the image. These could be a warning of conners, potential dangers in negotiations or trade with a partner.

Let us look at the Two of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Two of Cups Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Two of Cups is the image very similar to the Lovers card in the Major Arcana. This is a perfect union and relationship. The two people in this relationship love, support and respect each other.

When Two of Cups appears in love, it might be a signal to take the relationship to the next level or wanting to find a deeper connection with your partner.

This is your soulmate card, and so, if you have been wondering about your relationship, go ahead and take the plunge here.

Love Reading for Singles

If you are single and looking for love, this is a great card in a love tarot reading. It indicates that someone who will treat you fairly will enter your life as a potential soulmate. You will feel a lot of love and passion for this person and there will be a sense of mutual attraction.

This could also be a reunion with someone from your past.

Two of Cups Career & Finance

Two of Cups in career could indicate a beneficial partnership with someone at your work. This could be a colleague, a contemporary or a business partner. There are gains to be made here by teaming up.

Work is going well and relationship with team is harmonious.

Beware of conners and people who are trying to trick you in transactions or trades.

Finances will be balanced. Two of Cups is not a card of excesses, but balance. So monetarily, this card suggests a comfortable situation. Neither are you greedy for more. There is an overall balance in your finances.

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