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The Devil – Tarot (#15)

Updated: Feb 19

The Devil can be considered as the shadow side of the Lovers card. You can see that the angel blessing the couple, has turned to the devil.  The couple in love in the Lovers is now shackled in the Devil.

The Devil Tarot

The Devil Tarot Meaning - General

The Devil card in tarot can, in a literal sense, mean a sense of being trapped. I say being trapped, rather feeling trapped, as the people seem oblivious to it in the image.

Like they say ignorance is bliss. The Devil card could suggest a phase in life where you might be chained under the influence of someone or something. This could be an addiction with drugs, sex, alcohol, etc. or even something mundane such as mobile phone or video game addiction that is consuming you completely. You, however, don’t seem to discern the depth of the addiction.

The Devil could also indicate a person or situation that has a strong hold on you. This could be impairing your ability to see things for what they are and think rationally.

There could also be someone manipulative around you that is taking advantage of your state of mind. Be careful that you are not being manipulative with others around.  

The Devil can also symbolize a state of mind. You could be going through mental anguish or depression that is confining you strongly within its hold.

Recognize and avoid obsessive or impulsive tendencies in your life and actions. Also, you could be focusing too much on the material world and obsessively seeking power, wealth, etc. at the cost of your soul satisfaction. Avoid succumbing to temptations and unhealthy behaviour patterns.

The two people in the Devil card are chained around their necks, which they can easily remove and walk away. The Devil speaks of your power to be able to deal with the situation. It is easy to feel hopeless and think of the future as bleak. But the first step to break this chain is to recognize the problem and then acknowledge your personal power to tackle it.

Let us look at the Devil in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Devil - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Devil in a love relationship can indicate unhealthy patterns or habits such as envy, jealousy, deception, cheating, etc. This could also suggest one person in the relationship trying to control the other or being too manipulative. Beware of and work on any power dynamics issues between your partner and you.

Also, check for co-dependency when the Devil appears. Are you losing your individual identity and capability and being too dependent on your partner, or the other way round. Find healthy ways to deal with this situation to bring back balance and harmony into your life and relationships.

The Devil card can be indicative of passion. But this card generally comes with a negative tint on it. So, treat it as a warning to avoid unhealthy attachments or possessions.

Love Reading for Singles

This card advises you to embark on a self-discovery period and identify any unhealthy relationship patterns or toxic attractions.

The Devil in love for singles can indicate a phase of mindless dating or loveless sex. Be careful of whom you date and beware of tendencies to manipulate.

Also, be your authentic self in a relationship, and do not put on a charade or be manipulative.

With this card, you are probably missing depth in relationships and engaging in shallow connections. Change your mindset and unshackle yourself from certain beliefs or patterns to find true love.

Do not succumb to temptations but look for truth and honesty in your dating life.

The Devil - Career & Finance

With the Devil in career, you could be feeling trapped in your job or are working in a very manipulative, toxic or deceptive work environment.

If you have been wanting to start your own business, but have been feeling chained to your job, this card indicates that you have the power to break this dependency and work on your visions.

Financially, check for addictive habits such as gambling, etc causing financial entanglements. Do not get tempted by dodgy deals or investment offers but use rationality in making financial decisions. Bring in balance by breaking free from unhealthy financial habits and patterns and being more responsible about money.

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