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The World – Tarot (#21)

Updated: Feb 19

The World is the last card in the Major Arcana and is the culmination of the Fool’s journey that started with the emptiness of zero.

Judgment Tarot

The World Tarot Meaning - General

Moving ahead with ups and downs, highs and lows, the World in tarot means reaching the ultimate point of success and accomplishment. It is like going from a student to teacher, or an apprentice to master.

The World card is the last card of the Major arcana and therefore stands for completion or fulfillment. It is a cycle beginning and coming to an end.

This has been a long, arduous and yet epic journey. You have learnt a lot on the way and your experiences have made you richer, stronger and wiser, emotionally and mentally.

The World is about rising to a high vantage point where you can see things much better and clearer than others.

You are in a phase where the world is at your feet. You are experiencing immense success and the opportunities seem endless. It has, of course, not been easy to get you. But you can be proud of your accomplishments. The universe is smiling upon you and luck seems to be on your side. This card symbolizes achieving an aspiration or a dream come true. It is an apt moment for celebration.

The World could also be a message for you to be free and experience life freely, without carrying the weight from the weight of the world on your shoulders. Yet this card asks you to give. You are at a position where you have the capability of rendering service in general. Be of use where you can.

The World is also about feeling complete and wholesome. Many elements need to be brought together to create harmony. Look for a holistic way of life and adopt a dynamic approach to activities rather than static and stand alone.

This card can indicate travel and an exciting journey or trip.

Let us look at The World in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The World - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Your relationship is at its pinnacle. There is a lot of love and understanding, and mutual goals are being achieved.

You could be feeling personal fulfillment with your partner, and you are entering a period of harmony and celebrations. This could be symbolic of a new phase in the relationship such as engagement, marriage, children, etc.

Love Reading for Singles

The World in love for singles represents a phase in life where you are feeling self-fulfilled and soul satisfied. There is no pressure to get into a relationship and you are open to waiting for the right person.

You have worked hard in your previous relationships, overcome challenges and they have contributed to the person you are today. You are experiencing and prioritizing self-awareness and personal growth as an integral part of finding a soulmate.

This card can indicate travel romance. You could be very popular and looked up to.

The World - Career & Finance

The World in career indicates phenomenal success and accomplishment at work. This card can symbolize completion of a major project or contract that brings in recognition and rewards.

You have reached mastery in your work and are looked upon by others as wise and experienced. If you are evaluating new career prospects, you can expect positive movements in that direction.

There could be work-related travel.

Financially, you are reaping abundant rewards for your previous financial planning and money management. There could be fulfillment of a big financial goal such as paying off a mortgage, buying a home, etc. You could expect an unexpected bonus or a big financial contract resulting in a big celebration.

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